Switched At Birth

Last Monday I watched the most recent episode of the Show Switched at Birth. Switched at birth has many deaf/hard of hearing people as its main characters and it’s really interesting to watch. In the last episode, Daphne, the main deaf girl, decides to travel to Mexico with her sister, friend, and mother. She had planned on going somewhere else with her boyfriend for spring break but last minute changed her mind. In Mexico, Daphne and the others helped give cochlear implants and hearing aids to the deaf/hard of hearing. Almost all were successful but there was one girl that the implant failed to help. Daphne feels helpless in trying to convince the girl’s mother to let her teach the girl sign language. Before Daphne leaves, she gets one word through to the girl and she learns to sign her first word in Spanish. This episode was really powerful and it was perfect timing for this project. Just because there are options such as hearing aids or cochlear implants doesn’t mean they are guaranteed effective.


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