Jody (I hope that’s how it’s spelled…)

This past Thursday, a girl who goes to my high school came into my psychology to talk to our class about her blindness. I see her around school almost every day and I never knew she could speak English so well. Listening to her talk about her “disability” was such an eye opening experience. She told us how the school is where she is most comfortable because she knows her way around just as well as the rest of the students do. She described how she typically feels outside of school, which is anxious, intimidated, and scared. Sometimes she hears people whispering about her, and her sense of hearing is extra strong due to her loss in sight (when one sense is lost, the rest get stronger). She passed around her dollar bill reader, calculator, and some type of “laptop” that she can use to do basically anything but listen to music. When she is clothes shopping, she feels the textures on clothes to decide if she wants it. She remembers colors because she wasn’t completely blind until she was six. She likes blue and yellow. Nickels and quarters were the hardest for her to tell apart but she says the textures around the coins are different, one rough, one smooth. I was really proud of her for being able to get up in front of random people four times in one day to talk about herself. She was quiet but far more confident than I would have guess she’d be.


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