MPLS With Grace

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Three weeks ago I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota with my friend Grace. This was our third trip going their to see SoMo (he’s a singer). But one thing that made this trip the most unique was that we documented every part of it through pictures and/or videos. The first two trips were the most fun I’ve had in my entire life so I though what better than to capture every moment of this trip? We stayed in a hotel in Oakdale which was in a more residential area rather than a big city. In the mornings Grace and I went off adventuring in random places down paths through woodsy areas and private drives. We got some really cool footage doing this and it was refreshing to just go out and see what there was without knowing what to expect. We made sure we only went to places that we had never been before. We both have a love for healthy foods so we went to Trader Joes and Jamba Juice which was like heaven. At the actual concert, we both met SoMo for the third year in a row and he recognized us and I basically died. He gave us signed red lighters (he has a song called Red Lighter….long story) and signed our VIP passes, writing #3 on them. Grace and I both took videos of each other meeting him and we were front and center at the concert. While waiting for the acoustic set to happen, we saw SoMo’s opening act, Jordan Bratton, on stage. He saw Grace and I and asked if we wanted a picture so we took a few and then I took a video of him talking about some things to add to the documenting, which was pretty cool. The concert was amazing, as usual, and afterwards when buying one of Jordan’s shirts he said “Hey you guys were in the front row!” and hugged us and thanked us for coming AND HE TOLD US HE LOVED US AND I WAS DEAD LIKE I WENT TO HEAVEN THAT NIGHT GOD BLESS HIM HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND HUMBLE. There was a lot more that happened on this trip but it really was the best time ever. Somehow my Innovations class sort of inspired me to want to document the trip….not sure how because it doesn’t really have anything to do with the class. But we got so much cool footage and in about a month I will begin making a who video on the trip putting the pictures and videos together and I’m super hyped about that. I will probably put the link to it on my blog.


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