Seth and I created a Snapchat account for our school. Each day, we find one or two people to take a video of doing a sign and then caption it with directions on how to sign the word/phrase. We have a decent amount of “friends” on the account, one of which being a lady from California that Seth knows. We signed “cat” and “dog” one of the days and the lady sent us a video of her baby trying to sign “cat” which was really cool. We haven’t done much other than the Snapchat yet, but if we save enough of the clips we might make a compilation video near the end of the semester (or earlier) of all of them put together. I suggested having people send us Snapchats of their friends doing the sign of the day or sending a black screen giving us suggestions of what words/phrases they’d like to learn next. On Friday, we put on a Snapchat asking people to send us videos doing their favorite sign they learned over the weekend. I’m not sure how popular that was because Seth is currently the one logged into the account. I’m having fun with the Snapchat thing I think it was a really good idea. I look forward to seeing what an impact we can make and how much we can teach students as we continue on with this project.


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