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Reflection Blog 11

Over the past couple of weeks I have decided to start a new project. While the whole project with ASL interested me, I felt like it was time to start something that I know I’m passionate about and I can stick to. So, I’m starting another Health & Wellness Project (I did one in Sanders class last school year). What we will start with to kick it off is Health & Wellness Week, which seemed to be fairly well liked when Seth and I did it last school year. We paint a banner to hang up a few days before we begin to make students aware of what to look out for, and then for one week we give a Health & Wellness tidbit on the morning announcements in order to show student’s that having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always have to be so hard.¬†Once we are done with that, we will (hopefully) start a YouTube channel. I’m not sure how far we would get with that because the class only lasts for the rest of the semester and the videos we would make could potentially require a lot of time. If administration lets us, we might also continue the tidbits on the announcements once every week or two.

We will maybe need feedback on whether the students/teachers found our announcements helpful or at least interesting and if anyone tried out our suggestions (and what their results were).


Wallet Workshop

I did not understand the purpose of this workshop project. I did not like it. I found it boring because it took three days to do it. I consider myself a creative person but I literally had no idea what to do for the workshop. The fact that it was centered around a wallet made me feel like I would have rather been watching Lawrence of Arabia in US History. I didn’t have any interest in the project and I actually tried which is funny because if it’d graded, I’ll probably get an F. I found it kind of difficult to put that much enthusiasm into something that I could not care less about. Sorry if this is pessimistic, I guess I just have a bad attitude.


The main focus on the ASL Awareness project Seth and I have been working on has been the school Snapchat account where we put up videos teaching students words or phrases in ASL. I think it’s been pretty successful snd we will continue it but I’m ready to move onto a new project I’m more passionate about. What interests me the most is nutrition. I really like knowing what is in the things I eat and paying attention to what is going into my body. I’ve recently become a pescatarian which hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I basically just want to be able to educate people on the benefits of having different kinds of diets and the importance of reading the ingredient list before going crazy over the number of calories. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a project out of this considering most high school students couldn’t care less about what is in what they’re eating, but we’ll see.