Health & Wellness Week

So this past week Seth and I have cracked down on our Health & Wellness Week project. We finished our banner on Friday and decided that after each tidbit we announce, we will post it on the banner. Our goal is to keep our tidbits simple, interesting, and something all students/teachers can do. I’m really excited about this project because it’s something I am very passionate about and would love the opportunity to share with others. I have found through personal experience that leading a lifestyle in which you work every day to better yourself and your body is so empowering. I have never been more confident and happy with myself than I am right now. I want to show people that filling your body with foods mother nature has provided can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your energy, attitude, and overall happiness. I want to show people a solid work out can make you feel on top of the world – that almost all of your problems can be solved and your mind can be put at ease with just an hour of intense exercising. I hope by the end of this project I will have motivated someone to change their lifestyle for the better and gain more confidence in doing so.


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