“Blog #13 – Quickwrites” (TEDx Talk??)

This blog was due December 18. Yikes. Sorry Sanders, but I really feel like just speaking what’s on my mind right now rather than following a format. This post is going to be all over the place and probably a novel, but I’m just going to say it all right here, right now. So first I would like to talk about myself. I am a person who is generally happy. To most people, I do not come off that way. I think it’s because I either speak my mind or because I have an angry looking resting face (which I promise I don’t do on purpose). Coming into this class this semester, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I kind of assumed it would be like the Friday projects I had done the previous year in Sanders’ english class. I’m not going to lie or make excuses anymore. I didn’t take the class seriously. And it is only now, the night of the last day of having my Innovations and Communications class, that I am feeling deeply overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts about my lack of performance and participation in the class throughout the entire semester. I had the poorest attitude and I royally wasted not only my time, but my teacher’s and classmate’s. I abused the time I had in the class and spent little of it doing what I should have been doing. I truly don’t remember the last time I felt this guilty. I didn’t listen in class, I was, at times, outwardly disrespectful to my peers/teacher, and I didn’t make an effort to do what I was asked, when I was asked. I turned into a pessimistic, lazy student. I have absolutely no excuse for my actions (or lack thereof) in that class. All I can say at this point, is that I am so, so very sorry.

Now I just want to talk about my teacher for this class, Sanders. The first day of English class (junior year) I remember he had a happy song playing on his computer and had us introduce ourselves to the class by making objects that described us out of playdoh. Needless to say, from then on I had nothing but good feelings about how the class was going to go. Having Sanders for both classes was a blessing. I know he doesn’t think that’s how I felt/feel, but it is and always has been. He is honestly my favorite teacher I have ever had. You will never find someone who genuinely cares about the happiness and success of students as much as he does. No matter what class he is teaching, he is nothing but encouraging, welcoming, accepting, and helpful. Truly one of the most awesome people I have ever met. Of course I’m writing this in a blog because I’m super mellow and not the type to be all overly nice and blah blah whatever I don’t know what I’m saying. In class when we all pitch ideas, Sanders always shows excitement and makes it aware that he supports his students and cares about what they have to say. I have never in my life had a teacher who is as genuine and down to earth as him. All I can say at this point, is thank you so, so very much.

I’ll end this post with giving some advice to any students who will have the option of taking Communications and Innovations next school year (2016-2017). Take the class. Seriously, take it. I was a total bum in the class, but obviously it has changed me if I’m sitting here tonight finally having the urge to come on here and make up all of these blog posts that were due eternities ago. I regret not trying in that class so, so much. You have no idea. I completely took everything for granted, and now that I won’t be stepping in that classroom and seeing my favorite teacher and some of my favorite people each morning, I’m feeling very, very disappointed in myself and sad that it’s over. It’s honestly not even a class. It’s like just a place to go during the school day where you can express yourself, your thoughts and ideas, and do something that YOU want to do, while having the support of some really great people, the greatest being the teacher. I could have done so many amazing things in the class, and I didn’t. But I should have and I will always regret not trying. I will always remember the class. And maybe I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, but crazily enough, tonight I realized something that hit me like a train. I need to have faith. Faith in myself and faith in others. I need to make the time I have count. All my teacher did was work hard to uplift each of his students and push them to truly have faith in themselves. And I deliberately ignored his efforts. But I feel so moved right now. I want to do something great. I want to have more faith in myself and I want to have the burning passion and motivation to do something awesome to help others. I owe this realization to not just the class, but more importantly the teacher. I know the class is over, but I promise I am going to try to innovate in my own life. I am going to try to make my teacher and peers proud. If any administration for some reason sees this, please keep this class as an option for students at our school. We have the best teacher for the class. It helps students have so much more confidence and discover many self-realizations. I believe it’s a class that is necessary to keep a student’s mind healthy.

Overall, I’m really just sorry. I just want to thank my teacher for doing what he has and for working so hard to put together a class even though he didn’t know the outcome of it. And I sincerely hope that everyone considers taking Sanders class next school year. I promise you will not regret it. But please try. Try not only for the grade, for yourself, or to please your parents, but for me. Make people proud. Believe in yourself. Respect your teacher and classmates. And above all, be kind.


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