Meet Someone New

Alright. This blog post was due November 23. Being the disrespectful student I can be at times, I brushed this off. But tonight, I want nothing more than to talk about how I met someone new. That someone is a woman I watched give a TEDx Talk at a local coffee shop tonight. I won’t share her name just because I don’t want to share anything she might not be okay with. This woman, single mother of five, got on stage bare-faced and told the entire audience about how she feels broken. She is currently struggling with anorexia nervosa. As soon as she dropped the bomb, I had goosebumps. What courage that must take that little woman to get up and be 100% vulnerable and exposed in front of a room full of strangers. As the votes were being tallied at the end, I felt a strong inclination to go tell her how well she did. I told her she did really well and that I admired her ability to be so vulnerable. I guess technically I didn’t “meet” her, but I think it counts. It felt good to let someone who has had so much pain, feel proud of themselves for what they had accomplished.


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