“Project 3/3”

So I was supposed to do a blog post around the end of December on my second out of three projects (I think?) which would have been the Health and Wellness Week thing. But I’m calling this Project 3/3. Sorry Sanders I’m following my own rules on this post again. My third project is going to be a project that doesn’t get graded. A project that will not involve the class, the teacher, or the students. My project is to carry on what I have learned, and spread innovative techniques to anyone and everyone. My project is to mirror the kind of attitude many students in my class had – optimistic, hopeful, motivated, and supportive. My project is to encourage as many students as I can to be a part of Communications and Innovations. My project is to be kind. To be respectful. To not  take advantage of the time I have and the people I spend it with. To make people feel their worth. My project is to fix what I did. I want everyone else to try really hard in that class and make their teacher proud and themselves even prouder. So now I ask… What is your “project 3/3?”


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